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We are part of the global PCB Group – TCL covering all aspects of manufacture and supply. Volume and Logistics through Daleba and their Far East premises, Metal-clad boards through DK Thermal,  and UK PCB fast-turn/prototype supply through GSPK Circuits. To build on this track-record of growth and wise investment, the TCL group will continue to provide unrivalled service to the benefit of its loyal and future customers and to enable it to maintain its place as a leading force in the PCB industry.

DK Thermal

Metal Clad PCB manufacturing in the UK and Asia since 2002.


US PCB Supplier using FR4/CEM3, and Metal Clad based laminates. Manufacturing in the UK and Asia.

GSPK Circuits

Fast-turn PCB prototyping/small volume manufacturing 1-20 layers since 1964.


Asian PCB supply to UK and European market since 1963.


ODM & OEM of lighting control product since 1970.

DK Thermal Background

Daleba Electronics Limited was founded in 1963 as a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer from which DK Thermal emerged in 2007.
This joint-venture operation enabled us to provide high volume, seamless manufacturing with our facility in Asia.

In 1963 Daleba started manufacturing in a rented 600sqft industrial unit. The original factory was located in a renovated 100 year old Maltings building in the historic town of Ware in Hertfordshire. The Maltings was a typical small industrial building with many tenants, but over the years Daleba occupied more of the space until we were able to purchase the whole 10,000sqft building in 1985.

In 1985 an additional 5000sqft of space was purchased to hold our laminate stock and cutting facility. This was in the County Town of Hertford. In 1990 a 25,000 sqft industrial building was purchased adjacent to our Hertford facility, this building is Hertford Town Mill.

The job of renovating the new Hertford factory took many years. We completed our relocation in 1995.

2003 saw the acquisition of the factory site adjacent to Hertford Town Mill giving us total freehold space of 50,000sq ft over a 2 acre site.

In 1963 when Daleba was founded, the PCB industry was in its infancy.

As the industry evolved to plated through hole (PTH) technology, Daleba decided to continue manufacture of only single sided (S/S) and became one of the major suppliers in the UK. By the mid 80s there were only a handful of S/S specialists in the UK and production techniques for this technology were becoming more specialised. As order quantities for UK manufactured circuits decreased, Daleba concentrated on supplying prototype and small volume batches.

By 2003 Daleba was one of 2 companies left in the UK who specialised in S/S PCB’s and the future for our manufacturing operations could no longer depend on this technology.

Our friends at Electrocircuits (PC) Ltd had the same concern, they were making PTH and ML prototypes. Together we decided to manufacture IMS and as a result of this decision Daleba purchased the shares of Electrocircuits.

During the mid 90s, Daleba recognised the importance of supply of PCBs from the Far East . Our first imported circuits were in 1995.

Effective sourcing of PCBs from the Far East requires commitment, time and experience. Matching the requirements of the customer and the capabilities of the supplier is vital if supply requirements are to exceed expectations. Daleba acheives this. In order to be an Independent supplier, Daleba opened a Hong Kong office in 1998 and a China office in 2000 in order to fulfil this requirement.

Daleba has become one of the leading supply companies in the UK for this product.

We like to work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and assist in the selection of a suitable and advantageous supplier.

By the mid 90s the demand for lower prices made volume manufacture in the UK less viable. Daleba used its manufacturing expertise to procure finished product from the Far East.

In 1998 we opened an Office in Hong Kong to improve the management of our Far East Supply routes.

DK Thermal ASIA

We have a professional local team consisting of staff from HK, Taiwan, China mainland speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. We have offices located in HK, Shenzhen and Dong Guan to provide flexible local support to customers in Asia on both technical issues and daily customer service.

We are continuously sourcing laminate materials available in market. We are building relationships with laminate manufactures from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other brand agents to make sure we can provide you a variety of material solutions.

UK factory management is performing professional training to our local manufacturing workforce to duplicate high efficiency output throughout the Asian plants. This ensures a seamless transition from low to high volumes.

DK Thermal ( HK ) Limited was formed in 2007 specifically to manage production of MPCB from our one of a kind mass production MPCB factory located in Dong Guan. Our factory is TS16949 approved and has passed Western Blue Chip company audits for quality, environmental and human rights. It is regularly internally audited by our own team of western QA engineers who create the procedures for production. The facility mirrors all the process expertise acquired from our UK factory including processes specificaly developed for our MCPCB production.


Hertford Town Mill
49 Tamworth Road
Hertford – Herts
SG13 7DJ – United Kingdom

  • +44(0) 1992 514200
  • sales@dkthermal.co.uk

DK Thermal deals direct with you on all aspects from quotation, through engineering to purchase and delivery of PCBs. We have specialist teams working from strategic locations to ensure you of the best service and products. All QA staff are Certified IPC-A-600 specialist inspectors.